Birthday Bash

London food designers, Blanch & Shock, have made a birthday cake like no other for the magazine, Icon.

When Icon asked Blanch & Shock to make them a birthday cake, they weren’t looking for a sugary, white slab cake with some frosting roses and leaves. They asked the food designers, Amy Houston, Mike Knowlden and Josh Pollen, to come up with a sculptural cake structure along the lines of an architectural model.

What Blanch & Shock came up with was a deconstructed cake consisting of beetroot and passion fruit sponge cake, carrot and strawberry meringues and marshmallows dusted with passionfruit and raspberry powders. Each element of the experimental cake was placed a on clear, acrylic glass disc, which were then threaded with nylon wire and secured to the ceiling and the table below. When it was finished, the cake installation seemed to be floating or, better yet, bursting in the air.

“The idea was to make an exploding cake so we thought about how that might actually work in terms of the way it might distribute,” said Mike Knowlden, one of the designers. “So there are some elements that are heavier and elements that are lighter.”

Source: Icon

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