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Booker and Dax

A food science development company dedicated to inventing culinary products of the highest quality, Booker and Dax focuses on finding solutions to real world food, beverage and cooking problems.

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At Home Prohibition Kit

A design inspired by ancient times, you’d never guess these items could be used to distil liquor.

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Got Milk?

This cool new design from DOIY makes drinking milk that much better.

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The Teapot Redefined

This stylish new teapot is completely different than anything you’re used to.

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Cocktail Plate Evolution

Ever feel like you need more than two hands when you’re at a cocktail party?

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Home For The Holidays

Brill Communications launched their Home for the Holidays Preview a couple weeks back and we were lucky enough to snag an invite…

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Boards Fit For A Barbecue and Beyond

A good cutting board is never a bad idea, and naturally some are a cut above the rest. Pidge Boards have caught our eye this time around…

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DIY Mustard from Brooklyn DIY

Bex Ames and Elissa Stanton are crafters always on a mission, this time its mustard.

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The ‘Offline’ Glass

Isn’t it annoying when you go out with a friend and their phone is permanently glued to their hand?

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Engine-Inspired Espresso Machine

Inspired by Formula One engines, Johannesburg-based company, Espresso Veloce has introduced ‘V12′, the newest addition to their powerhouse espresso line.

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