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The Feed’s Finest 2013 | Kitchen & Home

The roundup of our favourite inspirations in Kitchen Tools & Homewares for 2013

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Booker and Dax

A food science development company dedicated to inventing culinary products of the highest quality, Booker and Dax focuses on finding solutions to real world food, beverage and cooking problems.

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Stackable Tea Set

A design that revolutionizes how our  modern generation drinks tea.

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Plate-Plate by Duncan Shotton

As part of Tokyo Designer’s week, this incredibly adorable tableware collection was presented for the 2013 designboom mart toykyo.

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Scratch-n-Sniff Wine Book

Learning about wine can make most people feel extremely anxious and overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the endless knowledge of lingo, regions and grape varietals 

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The Evolving Table

A dining room table is a vital piece of furniture in any home. It’s used as the common meeting space for so many different things; eating, working, playing and even relaxing. Unfortunately not all homes can accomodate large tables, some need smaller ones, in appreciation of that designer Daniel Liss created ‘Table for Two’ a […]

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Aquaponics Kit

When co-founders Nikhil Arora and Alejando Velez decided to ditch their corporate gigs to pursue their dreams, they were taking a big risk.

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Mornings just got a little easier thanks to iKettle.

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Food Huggers

Save your fruits and veggies from being tossed in the garbage with this simple invention by Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas.

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At Home Beer

Ever dreamed of making your own beer at home?

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