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Organized Food

You may be thinking this is just another still life series of mouthwatering food photography, and well… you’d be half right.

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Periodic Table of Alcohol

Just in time for the back-to-school season, this periodic table is intended to educate students on the science of mixology.

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Clean Break

Skip the face-to-face horror of a break up by sending a not-so-loved one a ‘Clean Break’ chocolate bar.

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Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Founded by Dylan David and Jean Lee in 2010, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio designs everything from furniture and lighting to kitchenware.

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The Waterdream: A Shower for your Living Room

Free from traditionality, this innovative design takes the ‘bath’ out of bathroom and turns a regular old living room into a whole other space of possibilities.

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Home For The Holidays

Brill Communications launched their Home for the Holidays Preview a couple weeks back and we were lucky enough to snag an invite…

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Italian-Inspired Plates

  Everyone knows that Italians love their food, they take pride in their cuisine and warm hospitality.

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Vogue Italia’s Playful Dream

A fashion editoral from Vogue Gioliello’s May 2013 issue, this amusing series is comprised of some delicious and lush items sure to whet your appetite.

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Bicycle Wine Rack

It seems crazy to combine the idea of riding a bike with wine, however this clever invention makes us wonder why someone didn’t think of this sooner?

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Kaleidoscopic Trays

Fun and function go hand in hand with these kaleidoscope-inspired trays.

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